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I had never “dogged” before last Saturday night. Our kids were being looked after by Mark’s parents so we wanted to take the opportunity to try something different.

We had heard about a car park at the bottom of Trunch Lane in a town nearby called Skegness so decided to take a drive and see what came of it.

It was just over an hour’s drive to Skegness, so we left the house just after 9pm. I was wearing a very short skirt, a tight white vest which really showed off my breasts. Needless to say, I wasn’t wearing any knickers.

I was getting so excited at the thought of what was to come that I started fingering myself in anticipation (not that I needed any warming up!). I could tell by Mark that he was also getting excited, but he was also a little wary and kept asking whether I was still ok to go ahead with our plan. I was way beyond the point of no return by now, so I just kept telling him how much I was looking forward to having his cock up my arse and how I loved the idea of strangers looking in and fingering my ass as he was fucking it. At that stage, I doubted whether I would allow anybody to actually touch me whilst I was being fucked up the ass, but I certainly enjoyed the thought that some people might be watching and getting off on the whole scene.

After around an hour and twenty minutes, we were coming close to the car park and suddenly Mark pulled the car over.

“Are you still sure you want to go ahead, Wend? I’m happy to turn back now if you’re going off the idea”, he asked me gently.

“Look, let’s just drive down and see what the place is like”, I replied, whilst rubbing his bulging cock gently. “If we’re not comfortable, we’ll just drive home”.

So we made our way down to, what seemed, a fairly desolate car park. The place wasn’t particularly well lit, but I could see there were four cars parked fairly close to each other. We decided to park a little further away from the rest, in a place which allowed a good view of everything around us (and gave any “voyeurs” a good view of us aswell).

As this was our first time, we weren’t au-fait with dogging etiquette. Mark flashed the car lights a couple of times (he’d read this was how you signalled action was about to start).

I was so wet by now that I just wanted to get Mark’s cock into me as quickly as possible. I unzipped his jeans and started licking the end of his cock which was now very bulbous and purple. He was busy pushing two fingers into my cunt and he had his thumb up my asshole. This turned me on so much I felt I would explode.

We hadn’t noticed two figures walking slowly up to my side of the car until one of them knocked gently on the window which had steamed up a fair bit. Mark asked whether I was happy to let them have a better view and I had no hesitation in agreeing. I was so turned on by now by now that I didn’t care if even my own mother was watching!

Mark dropped the window all the way and the two guys moved nearer to the car. I kept sucking Mark’s cock, surprisingly oblivious to the small crowd we had attracted. To give the guys a better view, I leaned up on my seat so my ass was nearer the door. I pulled my skirt up so they had a good view of my asshole. Mark reached round and started fingering my pussy and ass a bit more vigorously. Then, all of a sudden, one of the guys asked whether he could touch my cunt. I looked up at my husband and we looked at each other for a few seconds and I quitely said “OK.

Before long, there seemed to be a few pairs of hands prodding and poking my asshole and cunt. I shifted myself nearer to the door to give the guys a better view and begged them to put their fingers in my ass. They needed no further encouragement!

After what seemed only a few minutes (but it was probably closer to half an hour), Mark asked if he could fuck me. I was dying to get a cock inside me, so I begged him to fuck me as hard as he could. Mark asked the guys to stop fingering me, but said they were welcome to stay and watch him fuck me. There were now three men and a young woman looking into the window and all started encouraging Mark to fuck me as hard as he could. One of the men told Mark to fuck me up the ass and I said “maybe he will”. This brought a small cheer.

I was facing the front of the car, and lowered my cunt down on to Mark’s cock whilst holding my ass cheeks open. Mark loved looking at my asshole during sex and he quickly started fingering me in the arse with two fingers whoile I gently rocked back and fore on his thick cock. I turned my head to the left to see how the crowd was enjoying our performance and I noticed all three men were wanking vigorously. As I started rocking back on to Mark’s cock more quickly, I beckoned the men over to the window and asked them to play with my breasts, which were now pushed over the top of my vest. One of the men seemed to get so excited that the prospect of this that he came a few seconds later and shot all of his sperm into the car, most of it landing on Mark’s leg. I rang my fingers through the sperm and licked it off. The crowd, especially the girl, loved this.

Mark was breathing heavily and I could tell by his groaning that he was about to come. I stopped and pulled his cock out and told everyone that the show wasn’t over yet. I opened the glove compartment and pulled out a tube of Astroglide (best lube for anal sex!) and smeared loads of the stuff in and around my asshole. I squeezed out another big blob and stroked this over Mark’s cock. By now, he was fit to explode and begged me to let him put his cock in my ass.

I sensed that most, if not all, of the crowd had never seen a spectacle like this before so I asked them all to move closer to get a good look of how easily I was able to take Mark’s cock inside my asshole. Because of the angle I was at, it was quite difficult for them to see properly so I turned to face out of the driver’s window – a move which met with universal approval!

I had my left leg in the driver’s footwell and the right was on the driver’s seat. I held on to the steering wheel with both hands and slowly lowered my ass on to Mark’s cock which he was directing into my hole. Once the tip of the head was jutting against my asshole, I relaxed my sphincter and let the cock slide up my ass nice and slowly. Once the full length was inside, I asked the girl in the crowd to open the passenger door and spread my ass cheeks to show everyone that I had taken the cock right inside me. Everyone wanted a better view, which caused matters to become a little heated as they all jostled for position to see my asshole properly.

Once my cheeks were spread (there were around three pairs of hands pulling my cheeks open), I started rocking back and fore whilst Mark fingered my cunt very vigorously. I am able to come through anal only, but on this occasion I was so excited at the thought of so many strangers watching me that I begged Mark to finger me harder and harder.

I could feel strange hands trying to finger my asshole as Mark was fucking it and I begged someone to come round the driver’s side so I could suck their cock. This hadn’t been part of the plan, but I looked at Mark and I could tell that he was powerless to even think straight at this point and just said, “yes baby, oh yes, suck his cock you dirty bitch”.

Two of the men came round to my side of the car and quickly opened the door. They both had their cocks in their hands and eagerly tried pushing them near my mouth. I was in a fucking sexual frenzy by now, and slobbered my mouth over their cocks. Mark craned his neck and watched as I deep throated both of them in turn. The first man came over my face and I licked off as much as I could. I shouted at the second man to come over my tits, and he duly obliged, before rubbing the come all over my neck and chest.

The angle was making it difficult for Mark to keep his cock in my ass, so I swung my legs round to the passenger footwell which made things a lot easier. Within a few seconds, Mark was screaming “I’m coming, I’m fuckin coming” and I could feel his warm sperm inside my ass. This triggered the most intense orgasm I’ve ever had and I kept riding his cock in my arse until every last drop of come and every wonderful sensation had oozed out of me. I could see that all three men had also come for a second time and they pushed their cocks into my face so I could suck off the small drops of sperm which were dribbling from the ends of their drooping hard-ons.

Eventually, after a few minutes, the crowd dispersed. We had a brief chat with one of the men and the girl (who were a couple) and they both said that our “show” was the best they’d ever seen and begged us to return next week to watch them and maybe take part in a dogging foursome. The whole experience had been so intense that I couldn’t imagine being able to repeat it again next week, but with a faint smile I said “we”ll have to see”.


9 Responses to “Anal Dogging”
  1. spanishdave says:

    I tried SO hard not to wank but i failed !!!! Its been a long time since i was that hard. Needless to say im wanking right now but not for much longer. Wish i was there with both of you.Thanks so much.

  2. peter says:

    Hi Wendy, i just read your anal dogging story for about the tenth time. It is truly awesome. I wank off so hard to this story when i need a good jerk. I rub my knob on the material inside my pants while wanking and sliding the pre cum over the knob. it actually made my feet tingle this time and my eyes water. i always cum at the same time as mark did in your ass. just wanted you know how fucking hard you make me cum all over myself. would love to show you.

  3. German says:

    Hi Wendy, heiße Texte, wenn auch manchmal schwer zu interpretieren. Bilder wären gut – noch besser wäre du zeigst mir alles selbst!

  4. peter says:

    every time i read your replies blood rushes thru my cock quicker than electricity can travel, i end up as hard as a rock and just have to wank off looking at your pics, fucking you or watching you fuck would just be awesome. oh well, off to the laundry with another t-shirt i go.

  5. Wendy says:

    You’re welcome any time Peter. If you arrive during the day, you might even catch me alone and I’d love to see how hard I make you ;-)

  6. peter says:

    Wendy Wendy Wendy, play with fire darling and ya might get burnt, im horny as fuck now that you actually replied to me in person, ill be checking in on you now and then so surprise me with a few hot pics if you like. if im any where in the northern hemisphere ill be heading to lincolnshire thats for sure.

  7. Wendy says:

    Peter, I’m hoping to finish my ebook very soon and I’m absolutely certain your wife will agree to at least try anal sex provided you fully take on board all my tips and advice. By the way, when I read that you were close to coming after reading my story, I just had to put 3 fingers up my arse and wank myself to orgasm. If you’re in the Lincolnshire area some time, maybe you could call round and I’ll let you watch me. Maybe you could put one or two of your own fingers inside and help me along?? Bye for now.

  8. peter says:

    this is what we as men dream of, to be involved or hear about. im dying to fuck my wifes arse, she keeps teasing me the bitch. ive waited for ages and i need your help. oh by the way, my cocks harder than concrete and im about to come all over the desk because of you. thanks heaps.

  9. jason says:

    that story made me so fuckin hard. Your husband is one lucky man. I’d so love to see you being fucked in the ass. Any chances of psoting a few photos here???

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