Would You Watch Your Wife Having Anal Sex With Another Man?

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My husband says it’s a man’s deepest held fantsasy. The thought of your wife having sex with another man, let alone anal sex, conjurs up a whole range of powerful feelings and emotions. For most men, however, the thought of another man fucking their wife up the ass, whilst she screams with genuine pleasure, takes the fantasy up a very big notch.

Just imagine for a moment if the fantasy actually came true…..

You arrive home from work early as you’re feeling unwell. You expect to find your wife doing some household chores, but you notice when you go into the kitchen that the breakfast dishes still haven’t been put away.

You take off your tie and wander aimlessly around the kitchen, mulling over the possibilities of where your wife might be. Her car’s still parked outside, but she often walks over to the shops in the morning to have a coffee with friends after dropping the kids at school.

You need to lie down so you decide to go up to the bedroom. You have a sick stomach and your body feels weak, so your steps are slow and cautious. When you reach the top, you think you hear a muffled groan. You hold your breath and try to make out what the noise is and where it’s coming from. You think it may be your wife talking on the phone so you sneak up to the bedroom to surprise her. Before barging into the room, you notice that the groans are getting louder and deeper.

You decide to take a look through the keyhole, but it’s hard to make out what’s going on inside. Suddenly, you catch a glimpse of your wife on all fours and a black hand suddenly slaps her snow white ass. She yelps with delight as the tall, well-built, man continues to slap her a bit harder each time. She looks up at this stranger and you hear her plead with him – “quick, fuck me up the ass before my husband gets home.”

You’ve always wanted to fuck her in the ass, but she never lets you touch or put your cock anywhere close to her anus. Now, right in front of you, she’s about to let this man stick his thick cock right inside her tight hole. You’re enraged at the sight of your wife’s sluttish behaviour, but are so turned on at this point that you take your trousers down to your knees and start wanking slowly. You’ve never had such a powerful erection and the sight of your wife on all fours being virtually raped by this huge black man is too much to take.

Suddenly your wife reaches over to the bedside table, grabs a bottle of baby oil and squeezes a quarter of the bottle into her hands. She rubs the oil on to the man’s massive cock and hands him over the bottle. He squeezes the oil directly into the crack of her ass and rubs it vigorously into her anus and her cunt. Your wife nearly faints with pleasure and she closes her eyes, digs her fingernails into her ass and spreads her cheeks wide in anticipation of the dirty fuck she’s about to get.

The man rubs his cock down your wife’s back and, although your view is limited, you know he’s holding it just at your wife’s anus because the look on her face tells you she’s concentrating on getting the thick ten-inch cock inside her asshole. The man rocks gently back and forth, which makes your wife groan louder and louder. After a few minutes you can see that the man has managed to get his full cock inside her and with each thrust he’s pulling it right out to the tip of her anus before bangging it deep back in again.

By now your wife is in a screaming sexual frenzy and you see she’s got one hand gripped around the man’s oily cock and madly rubbing her clit with the other. He asks her what it feels like to be fucked by a big black man. All she can say is “fucking beautiful, fucking beautiful. Just fuck my ass ’til I come. Please don’t stop.”

The man changes positions and is now stood on the bedroom floor with your wife’s ass just at cock level so he can plunge into her faster and harder. You can’t believe what you’re seeing as he continues to fuck her with an animal-like intensity, grunting with every thrust.

All you can think about how is how she’s always refused to discuss anal sex with you and now suddenly her ass is getting pummelled by a black, ten-inch cock.

You’re filled with jealous rage, but still you can’t stop yourself from coming with an intensity never experienced before. You turn and walk away from the bedroom just as you hear your wife screaming “cum in my asshole you fucking nigger, cum in my ass you black bastard.” He doesn’t let her down, and the feeling of his thick warm cum spurting into her anus causes her to climax in a crescendo of noise.

Suddenly, the noise abates, but you can hear from the room that he’s still fucking your wife in the ass and she begs him not to stop until he cums in her asshole again. Dirty fucking bitch!


6 Responses to “Would You Watch Your Wife Having Anal Sex With Another Man?”
  1. I can truly say that it is one of mens greatest desires to see one’s wife getting fucked by another man .
    But for me it turnef out to be the worst nightmare it ended our 24yrs of matriage and now we can’t stand the sight of eachother. So becareful what you wish fore

  2. couplerdy says:

    Any guys in california wanna fuck my wifes ass

  3. hard and horny says:

    I want to watch my wife with 3-4 cocks and then help her with them… if she doesn’t mind

  4. Bob says:

    Hey plzz txt me you are the most amazing girl ever.

  5. assman says:

    I’m an ass man till the end and anal is my one favorite desire. I would rather do anal than vaginal. Its tighter, its sexier…and its more exciting.

  6. Saeed Ikramullah says:

    I would love to fuck my wife in then ass but know for sure she wont allow me. although she loves a finger or two up her ass while I screw her pussy but I dont know how to approach her to convince her to allow my penis in er ass. Can I entice her to use cucumber in her ass before I shove my penis there? please help!!

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